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Novus Labs Announces Major Expansion
in Hillsboro, Oregon Operations

The expanded facilities will allow Novus Labs to continue its rapid growth and take on larger and more complex engineering projects.

HILLSBORO, Oregon (March , 2022)

Novus Labs has announced today it is growing its Hillsboro, Oregon operations, nearly doubling its lab space. Now totaling over 80,000 square feet, this additional space will allow Novus Labs to create highly customized labs and test environments.

Novus has long been a trusted industry engineering and testing facility providing design, development, and testing services for many types of complex engineering projects and product development. With this expansion, Novus continues to boost its ability to address the unique development and testing needs of the world’s largest and most innovative companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Valve, Bose, Sonos, Nest, Nike, iRobot, Oculus/Facebook/Meta, Roku, Honeywell, GoPro and many others. By expanding the size and capabilities of their test labs, Novus continues to follow its goal of providing a full-stack host of resources to a wide-ranging roster of high-profile customers and projects.

“This building expansion is evidence of the continued trust our customers put in Novus Labs to meet the moment for them” says Chad Meyer, President at Novus Labs. “Our goal is to make available as many resources as possible for whatever project our customers may have. This infrastructure expansion allows us to continue growing our capabilities in order to achieve that goal.”

“If your team has ever thought “what would be really great is if we had a _______”, we want to talk about that! From layout and electrical requirements to environmental and use-case driven design, we are eager to capture the needs of our clients’ teams so we can create long lasting mutually beneficial engagements,” says Stuart Faris, Director of Business Development at Novus Labs. 


Stuart Faris

(503) 432-5441

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