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In addition to design and development services, Novus Labs engineers have developed test fixtures, software and analytics to support customers’ QA and validation efforts, as well as IOT reference designs to accelerate time to market. These systems are highly customizable to meet specific project needs and can be purchased or execution can be outsourced to our expert teams.

Audio / Video Analysis Suite


Novus Labs has developed an Audio and Video Analysis Suite designed to accommodate rapidly expanding A/V technologies. The Novus Labs A/V Suite is an efficient and accurate solution, taking a frame-by-frame and end-to-end approach to test and measurement that is agnostic to the underlying technology used for content delivery. Combining cutting edge analytics, powerful processing capabilities, and flexible test configurations, the Novus Labs AV Suite Core System provides the right mix of performance and versatility. The AV Suite Core System features robust connectivity for hardware peripherals along with 3.8 TB of high-speed storage. The Core Software package provides an intuitive GUI for configuring, queueing and executing tests, as well as a comprehensive API for scripting applications and integration into automation frameworks.

2-Axis Rate Table


The bench top “2-Axis Rate Table” was developed in response to a customer’s need to more effectively test inertial sensors for consumer electronics applications. The system allows for physical stimulation in 2 axis’ simultaneously to enable complex motion scenarios.

Mechanical Touch Simulator


The “Hard Touch” is a robotic platform developed to effectively test touchscreen applications. This solution automates the manual test process and compares actual physical stimulus to the input detected by the device under test.

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