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Mechanical Touch Simulator

The “Hard Touch” is a robotic platform developed to effectively test touchscreen applications. This solution automates the manual test process and compares actual physical stimulus to the input detected by the device under test.

Mechanical Touch Simulator ("Hard Touch")


The Mechanical “Hard” Touch Simulator has been designed to automate touch screen testing via physical stimuli. Pneumatic actuated “fingers” on a 3-dimensional rail system allow for multiple gestures and accurate touch positioning. Physical design allows it to be compatible with all touch screen technologies.


  • C++, Python APIs, Windows CLI

  • Real-time GUI

  • Automated position calibration via HD camera*

  • Touch force control

  • Touch recognition

  • Event data logging

  • Automated position control

  • Actuators are modular for customization

Automated Touch Gestures

Single-Touch, Rotate, Swipe, Flick, Pinch/Zoom, Multi-Touch (up to 10 simultaneous touches)


L 28″ × W 25″ × H 17″
Weight: 70 lbs

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