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Novus Labs Joins Cirrus Logic PSP

Novus Labs announces partnership with Cirrus Logic to be a Professional Service Provider of voice enabled products

The partnership will allow for Novus Labs engineers to assist customers leveraging Cirrus Logic products to integrate, tune and test with the unique capabilities and resources available at Novus.


HILLSBORO, Oreg. (October 1, 2019)  


Novus Labs, design, development and testing experts, today announced it has become an official PSP for Cirrus Logic, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS), leaders in audio hardware and software solutions for voice enabled products.

Novus joins other best-in-class companies under the Cirrus PSP umbrella to integrate and test future products using Cirrus Logic solutions. The partnership will result in products across smart home, connected auto and other voice enabled applications coming to market faster while achieving rigorous testing standards. Voice recognition, managed microphones and even new technologies around haptics are all part of the Cirrus Logic suite of products and will all be integrated, tested and analyzed by Novus Labs on behalf of customers leveraging these solutions.

“Cirrus Logic is a leading creator of audio technology, and we are delighted they have selected Novus Labs to join as a Professional Service Partner,” said Chad Meyer, President of Novus Labs. “We enable our customers to develop and fully test their products with the of best-in-class technologies with the best-in-class experience in mind. Companies leveraging the Cirrus Logic platforms align with this approach.”

As a Cirrus Logic Professional Service Provider (PSP) Novus Labs is uniquely qualified to identify audio product’s needs. With proprietary knowledge and tools for audio applications, including multi-room media, A/V sync, voice recognition, interoperability and both controlled and real-world test environments, the Novus Labs highly flexible suite of design, development and test services fill the gaps in clients’ internal engineering capabilities.

Cirrus Logic joins a vast list of partners who rely on Novus for their unique testing and development needs like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Bose, Nest, iRobot, Oculus, Roku, Sonos, Honeywell, and GoPro.

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Stuart Faris


About Novus Labs

Novus Labs is a global engineering resource offering the world’s most innovative companies unmatched compliance, testing and product development expertise. Made up of a team of the world’s leading engineers, designers, and critical thinkers, Novus Labs aims to work with our partners to build the world’s next amazing product. Novus Labs prides itself on working with companies of all sizes – from providing a testing ground for a scrappy startup’s first product to being the go-to compliance resource for all of Amazon’s consumer devices. Through a rigorous, hands-on approach, Novus Labs guides a product from anywhere between concept to development to functioning out the world. At Novus Labs, we bring your vision to life.

About Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic is a leader in high-performance, low-power ICs for audio, voice and other signal-processing applications. Cirrus Logic’s products span the entire audio signal chain, from capture to playback, providing innovative products for the world’s top smartphones, tablets, digital headsets, wearables and emerging smart home applications. With headquarters in Austin, Texas, Cirrus Logic is recognized globally for its award-winning corporate culture. Check us out at


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