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Whether your device is the source, sink or anything in between, Novus Labs has the expertise and resources to test any type of display and content delivery technology.


Leveraging our extensive Device Library, Novus Labs takes into account the wide range of user scenarios and deployments both in controlled lab and real-world environments:  

  • Streaming services

  • HDMI / DisplayPort 

  • CEC functionality

  • Optical 

  • IR

  • ARC

  • Audio Output Formats


We have developed AV test tools for complete end-to-end playback analysis, agnostic to the underlying technology. This allows for objective and repeatable measurement of:

  • Glitches / artifacts 

  • Distortions 

  • Dropouts 

  • Protocol analysis 

  • Buffering 

  • Frame jitter / judder 

  • Audio / video sync

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